Thursday, October 15, 2009

L2MF Post #01

This shall be my first post on a series of Letters to My Fathers, my real Dad and God. (Well, most of the faithful acknowledge God as the Father.)

To give you a background, the series shall feature my views about the natural world, religious beliefs, scientific inquiry, and the human condition. My posts shall be in the form of open letters addressed to the aforementioned entities.

About a year ago, I planned to write letters to my Dad to tell him about my frustrations about being inside a box called "organized religion", but I felt a little cautious about leaving pieces of paper that can be read by my Mom later on. (She's a person who took her church's teachings to heart.) I figure that through blogging, I can share my thoughts not only to my Dad but also to other people who are in similar circumstances.

This series shall be one of my serious attempts to tell my parents (and society) that I can be a moral and spiritual person without subscribing to religious dogma and without discarding Reason.

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